Friday, 19 September 2014

Progress on the Parish Plan at September’s Parish Council

A few more small steps forward were taken at September’s parish council meeting on implementing the Parish Plan 2014. Councillors reported that the first meeting of the Traffic & Highways Working Group has been fixed for Tuesday 22 September and that our network of Neighbourhood Watch volunteers has agreed to help us with making sure that new people moving into the parish are all welcomed and given a copy of the Parish Directory. We have sadly had less success in getting those who volunteered for a Community Energy group together, despite several attempts, and are going to leave this parish plan action to one side for now, unless residents ask us to do otherwise.

We also heard from County Councillor Brenda Gray that the speed limit on the A65 is going to be lowered to 50mph from Oxenholme through to Endmoor, which is good news for residents and road safety, although we had hoped for a lower limit as far as Barrows Green and will continue to look for opportunities to pursue this. The plan to install a pedestrian crossing on the A65 across from Helmside Road has been abandoned on cost grounds but signage reminding drivers to slow down for crossing schoolchildren is to be renewed and reinforced.

Draft full minutes of the September parish council meeting can be read or downloaded here.