Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Could you help Natlanders work together to save waste?

Cumbria County Council is launching a new Resourceful Communities pilot scheme to reduce waste. The aim is to develop and road test a series of “How to” guides to enable local community groups and parish councils to run their own resource efficiency sessions within the community. Those groups or councils who sign up to take part in the pilot will be given access to the “How to” guides and a £250 grant to set up and run 10 sessions, which will include clothes swaps, toy swaps, upcycling workshops, skills sessions such as reducing food waste, household repairs and more.

They are looking for a community from South Lakeland who would like to take part in the pilot, which will involve 5 households from the area. The resource efficiency sessions will also be open to the wider community, but the five families per parish/area, who sign up for the pilot will agree to attend as many as they can and take part in some pre- and post-pilot consultation.

If you’re a Natlander who’s interested in taking part, please let Lois (Parish Council Chair) know as soon as possible and we’ll see whether we have enough volunteers to take this forward.