Monday, 29 June 2015

Results from SID

SID (the Speed Indicating Device) was set up on Natland road on 29 May and was busy collecting data for just over two weeks. At Natland it was set to record speeds within a couple of car lengths of the 30mph limit signs, registering both those approaching and leaving the village. That close to the signs, one would expect law abiding drivers to be doing very close to 30mph or less. SID stores the raw data as time, direction and speed and certainly some will be relieved to know that it doesn’t record registration numbers! In the first week there were some problems with atrocious weather which SID didn’t like and at times was apparently being triggered by tree branches being thrashed around by the wind. But discounting those spurious records here are some interesting results:

  • On weekdays the number of cars per day was surprisingly consistent between 1066 and 1205 averaging 1152. There are fewer cars at a weekend with Saturdays around 20%, and Sundays around 40% less. The higher numbers during the week are reflected in morning and evening commuting times and also a peak at around 3.30 presumably relating to the ‘school run’ with some busy parents regularly in way too much of a hurry!
  • The average speed both in and out was surprisingly close at about 32 mph (excluding cyclists)
  • However these averages hide a lot of transgressors with 26% of cars exceeding 35mph and 3% even exceeding 45mph on a regular basis. Apart from being illegal, this is both hazardous and discourteous to residents in the adjoining houses.
  • There is a greater tendency to speed on leaving the village, especially at night time with several instances of well over 60mph at the 30mph village boundary.
SID also recorded a lot of cyclists. Although the numbers are more variable than for cars, presumably being more weather dependant, between 162 and 319 (average 230) cyclists use this road daily. This will certainly be an under estimate as SID cannot distinguish a close group of cyclists from a single person. But the numbers may also be picking up joggers as it records from 4mph upwards.

SID then went to spend a week outside the K Shoes’ depot site. Despite being positioned well within the 30mph limit, the average speed of cars over the full week was 34mph, with 18% of all drivers choosing to exceed 45mph.
Guy Weller, June 2015