Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Weather Last Month

                                                                  2015                                            2014
Temperature at 8 am                                  8.5c                                             9.6c
Average minimum temp.                            6.8c                                             8.2c
Average maximum temp.                          12.5c                                           13.3c
                                                             mm    in                                        mm    in
Rainfall                                               164.5   6.6                                      83     3.3

A rainy day in May

By far the wettest May we have had in the eleven years I have kept records! The average is 92.5mm, 3.7 ins. It was also cooler than usual with very strong winds, more like Autumn than Spring.

It all seems to be due to the Jet Stream being over us rather than to the North of the British Isles. It is expected to move later this week so let's hope June is a better month.  
John Dobson.