Thursday, 24 September 2015

Where's the Water Gone?

There's no water on the northern end of Longmeadow Lane currently (8.30am) and hasn't been for at least the last hour. A United Utilities van was spotted earlier, possibly repairing a leak further up. Does anyone have any more information? 
According to United Utilities this earlier van was someone assessing the problem, and it is a burst water main. Over 1,000 people are affected. Engineers should be on their way to repair it.
Update: it was off at 5.30am, possibly earlier, and was reported at that time. The engineeers haven't arrived yet. (9.10am). They still haven't come (9.45am).
There is a tap on the north side of the church which still has water, for anyone who wants to fill up buckets.
10.15am. Still no sign of any workmen from United Utilities.
The water finally came back at around 5pm.