Tuesday, 1 December 2015

November in Natland

                  WEATHER STATISTICS                                   NOVEMBER

                                                                                     2015                                  2014
Temperature at 8 am                                                    6.9c                                    6.8c
Minimum Temperature                                                 5.2c                                    5.5c
Maximum Temperature                                                9.1c                                    8.6c
                                                       mm       in            mm     in
Rainfall                                          289      11.6          111     4.4
The second highest November rainfall in ten years, exceeded only by 2009 when we had 365 mm. There were only 4 days when no rain fell! Frequent gales were also a feature of the month but it was generally mild with the exception around 20th-23rd when overnight temperatures were around zero.
John Dobson.