Saturday, 2 January 2016

Stolen Gatepost in the passage between Abbey Drive and Wandales Lane

Within the last two weeks the old  farm stone gatepost in the passage on the corner of 2 Abbey Drive has been removed and its  location covered with stones. The lady at No.2 heard voices which in hindsight sounded like the men removing it but assumed at the time they were gas or phone engineers. Whoever removed it must  have used a van or truck and probably parked on Wandales Lane.

Does anyone recall seeing this happen or can remember the day or time?

John Fisher

That’s very odd. It would have taken 2 men to lift it. Being in the ginnel it wasn’t visible from the roadways so whoever has stolen it has been someone who has walked through there, noted it and arranged to come back for it at a later date. As its not a route that would be casually used it might suggest someone who was working in the area or had similar reason to walk through there.
We certainly haven’t noticed any likely vans/ trucks parked up opposite us so perhaps it was taken out towards the Wandales Lane end.

Guy Weller