Saturday, 20 February 2016

Natland Gardens Open Day 2016

Once again this year there is to be a gardens open day in the village which will take place on Sunday 17th July. It will be two years since such an event was held. The day is going to be organised again jointly by the church and the village hall committee.

Volunteers are needed to open their gardens, however large or small, to the public. Many of the garden owners who opened their gardens last time have offered to do so again and we thank them for this. If you would be willing to open your garden this time or know someone who might agree then please let us know.

Not all back gardens are appropriate to be opened in this way so we would welcome those with attractive front gardens who would be happy to have folk admire their handy work to also offer their gardens.

The village hall committee will be organising the sale of refreshments for the benefit of hall funds and all other money raised will go to the church. In 2014 the event raised over £1,700 for church funds and over £300 for the village hall. We hope once again to have a warm and sunny day.

If you are willing to offer your garden or want any more information please contact or speak with Collin Mansfield at or 07740 447858 or to any of the organising committee, Rhian Peters, or Jennifer Ball.