Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Thank you for your generosity in Christian Aid Week

Every year people who go to St. Mark's Church collect from homes in Natland, parts of  Oxenholme, The Oaks and this year for the first time The Beeches, to help the poorest people in far off lands. £2,047 was raised in this way this year, and £381 at the Coffee Morning. The total so far is £2,428.

It’s good to think of the people who will benefit from this money. The example given by Christian Aid this year was of a family in Bangladesh whose lives are at risk every time the Brahmaputra overflows. Only £250 is needed to flood-proof such a home, and also to give a goat and seeds so that a family can have a long term income. So, if our donations just went on that project ten families would have a future for themselves.

Thank you, on behalf of all the people who will benefit from your gifts.

Elspeth Jayne, Christian Aid Week Organiser.