Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Village Hall Annual Meeting

The Village Hall Annual Meeting took place for the whole of 7 minutes last night, as agreements were reached very quickly. The Annual Meeting of committee members which followed was a bit more long winded, but even so officers were elected without much ado. The most controversial item was a suggestion by the chair that the clubs the committee members represent should have their subscriptions increased slightly. The proposed rates will be discussed at the next committee meeting, which is on 14 June at 7.30pm.

The 200 Club winners are: 1st prize (£30) 5 J Fairhurst; 2nd prize (£15) M Jayne; 3rd prize (£5) 38 M Trelogan.

Midge Fairhurst would like to retire from her role as 200 Club organiser, so if anyone would like to come forward to do the job, do please contact her or Paul Want. The 200 Club raises a good amount of money for the Village Hall and Midge says that people are always pleased to see her when she comes round with a cheque.