Monday, 15 August 2016

Can you find space for some honeybee hives?

Stuart Crawford, of Hope Cottage on Helm Lane, has asked us to publish the following appeal:

I have recently moved into Hope Cottage on Helm Lane from Kendal. I am a keen beekeeper with 6 hives and I am looking for an apiary site in, or very close to Natland.

What I need is a small area approximately 1.5m x 4m, ideally sheltered and facing SE, which can be fenced if there are animals present to place some of my hives. I am not bothered whether it is agricultural land or if you would like to have bees in your garden, orchard or similar.

In traditional style, the rent is paid in honey from these beautiful and industrious creatures which benefit us all!

If you're interested, please give me a ring on 0791 778 9051, email at or come and knock on our door. Thank you.