Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Breaking News: No poo fairy in Natland!

I know this topic keeps cropping up, but I make no apologies for bringing it up again.
I take my daughter's dog a walk most weekdays. Everywhere I go are signs requiring us to keep our dogs on a lead and clean up after our dogs.
Most of the people I see with their dogs look like responsible citizens, yet the unsavoury heaps I encounter must be left by a dog with a person on the other end of the lead; and what kind of person, I wonder, takes the trouble to use a black bag and then hangs it on a tree or leaves it on the roadside? Presumably they think there must be a poo fairy, like the tooth fairy, but with a less pleasant job.
Carrying a little black bag full of dog poo is not my favourite task, but sorry folks, if you have a dog, you have to do it!
Enid Holmes