Thursday, 2 February 2017

Natland Hall Archaeological Building Recording

Before all the work started on Natland Hall Farm, an Archaeological Record was made which shows that for most of its life it was in fact a Hall associated with the manor of Natland. It has been recorded in documentary sources from the 17th century but may have much earlier origins as it is likely to have been the site of the customary court of the manor since the medieval period, and is referred to as being granted the right to have a chapel in 1246. Since then it has had an interesting history, too, as a school and as the possible site of an academy set up for non-conformists after the restoration of the monarchy in 1674-83.
The very thorough archaeological recording discovered some possible medieval fabric being preserved in the thickened west wall. The staircase and six hearths based round a central chimney stack date from the late 17th century. Click here to read the report which the current owners have generously agreed to allow us to see.