Saturday, 18 March 2017

Natland Road Footway vs Towpath Trail?

Readers who follow the actions of Natland Parish Council by reading its minutes may be wondering about the connection between the proposed canal ‘Towpath Trail’ and the Council’s bid for SLDC funding towards a footway along Natland Road. The attached text of my report seeking support from the South Westmorland Local Area Partnership (SWLAP) may help explain. Click here to read or download it.

Without a commitment from Cumbria County Council (CCC - the highway authority) to fund the lion’s share of the footway scheme the bid appears unrealistic and doomed to fail. But it should at least have reminded SLDC and CCC (and our Councillor) that the footway is still Natland’s top infrastructure priority.

So far the support of Natland’s District and County Councillor, Brenda Gray, has been somewhat equivocal. While agreeing to be named as a supporter of Natland’s bid, she appears to regard the two schemes as alternative (but not ideal) solutions to the problem of walking safely between Natland and Kendal, saying that the footway ‘would be a job half done’ and also stating ‘I understand the downsides of the two alternative options’.

David Peters
Chair of Natland Parish Council