Friday, 3 March 2017

Plants in the Porch

As the days lengthen gardeners start to itch to get out in to their gardens and get to work. And now is the time that plants start to appear for sale in St Mark’s church porch again. Help yourself to plants at sensible prices and put your money in an envelope and deposit it in the wall safe just inside the church door on the left.
At the moment there are Hellebore, Pulmonaria and spring bulbs. More variety will follow as the season progresses.
If you have surplus plant stock please feels free to pot up nicely with a name and put in the porch for sale. All proceeds go to church funds.
If you look inside the church you will often find delicious homemade preserves and chutneys for sale. On the book case straight ahead from the door you will also find two shelves of paperback books for sale.
Collin Mansfield