Sunday, 11 March 2018

Beware - telephone scam.

I just wanted to make people that there is a telephone scam going around at the moment. In my case a lady with an Indian accent called saying she was from Openreach, the number was a Kendal number. She tried to tell me that my computer has been sending out viruses and asked me if I was in front of it, she then tried to get me to change settings on my machine. This is something that would not happen. I hung up and tried to call the number back but it is unavailable. People need to make sure they ask questions back, and if in doubt hang up.
Dale Rennard

Don Shore adds: The full scam can lock your computer and then they demand a ransom to open it up again.  Partial scams just charge you for the privilege of doing nothing to your computer.

I usually try to keep them talking and gradually wind them up.  I reckon the longer I can keep them on the line the less they are bothering other people who might be taken in!