Wednesday, 26 December 2018

More Vacancies on Natland Parish Council

Do you want a bigger say in how your Community is served?  Then why not step forward and be a parish councillor?
There are now three vacancies on Natland Parish Council following the election of only four councillors on 3 May 2018, John Houghton’s co-option by the Council on 29 May and John Fisher’s recent resignation.  The Council can fill these casual vacancies by co-option.
The co-options would be until May 2022, when the next full election of the Council will be held.
This is a particularly dangerous time for Natland to be short of councillors.  Kendal Town Council has asked the District Council (SLDC) to extend Kendal’s boundary into Natland, annexing The Beeches and the intervening properties along Natland Mill Beck Lane.  There will be consultations about the proposal in March 2019 leading to a final decision by SLDC in July.  That decision should rest on which council is better able to serve and represent its residents.  Natland’s chronic vacancies weaken its case in comparison with Kendal where every seat is contested by party political candidates.
Anyone who is interested in taking on this valuable public service should contact the Clerk or the Chair or any Councillor – contact details are on the notice board or Natland’s blogsite.  Or just come and observe the next Council meeting (dates on the notice board).
There’s plenty of information about what parish councils do on the websites of the National Association of Local Councils and the Cumbria Association of Local Councils – just google NALC or CALC Cumbria and explore.

David Peters - Chair of Natland Parish Council – 19 December 2018