Thursday, 10 August 2017

A defibrillator for Natland

As you have travelled around the district you may have noticed that a number of our neighbouring villages have a defibrillator – a box usually attached to the wall of the Village Hall, which is accessible 24/7 to be deployed in the event of someone suffering a cardiac arrest. This would have lifesaving potential. It is not always possible to get an ambulance here quickly enough and a defibrillator would buy time and more importantly would potentially save a life.

So, a small working group has been set up for Natland to have a defibrillator too.

We have been in contact with Endmoor First Responders, a charity who have already attended several incidents in Natland. On one occasion when they attended the ambulance took 2 hours to arrive. They have been extremely helpful and generous in providing a defibrillator for St Mark’s School in July and also in agreeing to fund up to half the cost of an adult defibrillator in the village. They have also offered to provide training for members of the community.

It now remains for us as community to raise the other half of the funds required which is in the region of £1500 to include the cost of installation, maintenance and electricity to power it.

Our group is holding a Fundraising Coffee Day and Information session in the new Tea Room at the newly refurbished Post Office on 5th October from 10am until 4.30pm. One of the First Responders from Endmoor will also be there to talk about the Defibrillator. So do come along and support us and find out all about it and how it works. It is straightforward and the machine once opened will talk you through what to do. More importantly if it is not needed it will not work – it will only operate if the the casualty’s heart needs restarting.

As this is a valuable resource for the community we are also asking people to consider giving a donation towards the defibrillator. The sooner we raise the money, the sooner it will be in place to save a life. We already have donations of £100 each from the Church and from our Parish Council to start us off and we are very grateful for their assistance. We would welcome donations from other village organisations.

We now need to raise the rest of the money.


Pam Mansfield on behalf of the Defibrillator Working Group

Friday, 4 August 2017

Natland Parish Council Minutes

The Parish Council met this week and they considered the Police Report, the proposal for a defibrillator for the village, progress on anyone acquiring Helm,  highway maintenance and planning matters. Click here for the full minutes.

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

July's Weather in Natland

                                                         2017                                2016
Temperature at 8am                         14.1c                               15.4c
Minimum Temperature (average)    12.7c                               14.0c
Maximum Temperature (average)    21.0c                               19.4c
                                                       mm     in.                      mm.    in.
Rainfall                                         136      5.4                      122    4.9

Another glorious summer month!? We did have some hot days but the school holidays brought wet and windy conditions. It is all down to the jet stream being in the wrong place. John Dobson.

Monday, 24 July 2017

Proposed New Development

There is another proposed new development, this time of over a hundred extra care units. It's on a site allocated in the Local Plan as "Land South of Fell Close" (2.71 hectares 61 dwellings). Here are links to plans of the location: Plan. Satellite viewMap.

Saturday, 15 July 2017

School Play Area now Open

Parents and grandparents will be pleased to learn that the play area behind the school, on the left and accessible via the little path to the left of the staff car park, is now open after a year of closure. It looks to be in very good fettle and might prove a welcome resource for children with time on their hands over the summer holiday.

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Village Hall Improvements

Sarah Roberts was elected the new Chair of the Village Hall Committee at the AGM, and Jean Heseltine, John Bostock and John Fisher have also joined the Committee. This has given new energy to move things forward. John Fisher will be commissioning/coordinating works over the summer.
The hall has already been re-wired where necessary and work will begin on the 21st July with tree and hedge trimming, which will allow more light in at the back of the building. Then three rooflights will be put into the toilets and corridor, to be followed by refurbishment work on doors, and pipe-boxing. In August the toilets and corridor will be re-floored. Ventilation in the toilets and kitchen and drainage and guttering to the rear of the hall will also be improved.
So, be prepared for a pleasant surprise when the hall is open again on the 6th September.

Life in the Orphanages by WIlliam Bowman

On Natland News, in the Features section, there is a link to George's Story: What life as a Waif and Stray in St. Mark's Home was really like. (Click here).

In 2017 William Bowman discovered this feature and wrote to Natland News as his brother James had been at St. Mark's Home, Natland and possibly had known George.

William had also been placed in a home and he wanted to share with Natland News readers his family experiences, including his eventual, poignant reunion with James who had known nothing about William or his other brothers and sisters.

This is followed by William's personal account of what life was like in an orphanage during the war years. Click here for the full account.

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Temporary Closure of the Post Office

Natland Post Office will be closed for two weeks from the 20th July until 7th August. This is to enable extensive refurbishment to take place. Click here for the notice from P.O.H.Q.

Saturday, 8 July 2017

New gas power station and lithium battery storage proposed at Old Hutton

There would be eleven 15M high chimneys and 40 shipping containers for the battery storage, and they would be very obvious from the top of Helm. Click here for the Stop the Old Hutton Power Station Facebook page.

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Weather Statistics for June

                                               2017 2016
Temperature at 8 am 13.5c 15.6c
Average Minimum Temperature 12.0c 13.9c
Average maximum temp. 19.6c    20.4c
                                             mm   in      mm    in
Rainfall                                153   6.1   107.5 4.3
A variable month with a heatwave in the middle but cooler and wet at the start and end. Rainfall was twice the average for June. The only wetter June was in 2012 during the 13 years I have kept records.        John Dobson