Monday, 21 May 2018

Plants for Sale

There are still a few big plants and plenty of small ones to fill any gaps you might have in your garden. Have a look at them in the church porch.

Sunday, 20 May 2018

W.I. Meeting Report for May

President Marion Want welcomed 30 members to the meeting.  She thanked Marcell Tatham for the table flowers and the members of the committee for dressing in period costume to mark the centenary of women’s suffrage. President Marion then welcomed Doris Aldworth who spoke about the formation of the WI and the history of resolutions and campaigns the WI had passed over the last 100 years.  Committee member Jean Heseltine then introduced an interesting quiz on various WI resolutions over the years and members had to guess which decade they had been voted on.  This provided some lively discussion.  Thanks were expressed to Doris and Jean for their help. A buffet supper was provided by members of the committee.The competition for a Gingerbread Person was won by Jean Heseltine with Hilary Atkinson second.  The monthly raffle was won by Anne Bonney. Date of next meeting is Wednesday 20 June at 7.15pm in Natland Village Hall when the speaker will be Debra Jessett on Hatches, Matches and Despatches.

Friday, 18 May 2018

Watch Found

Have you lost a lady’s wrist watch with a stainless steel link wrist strap? I have found one dropped in Abbey Drive.

It can be reclaimed from me, Guy Weller at 1 Abbey Drive, or telephone 015395 61224

Monday, 14 May 2018

It's Christian Aid Week

 There will be a big red envelope through your door shortly and your usual collector will be knocking on the door a few days later to collect it, hopefully full of money. The people of Natland have always been very generous in donating to Christian Aid and the money has been spent to lift the very poorest in developing countries out of poverty. People like Vilia in Haiti in the picture who lost her mother and her home in the earthquake of 2010 and was re-housed into a more solid structure with the help of Christian Aid. This house survived the hurricane in 2016. With your help more houses could be built..... Please give generously.   Elspeth Jayne.

Friday, 11 May 2018

Natland Parish Council Annual Meeting

Parish Council Chair David Peters welcomed a good turnout of parishioners to the village hall last evening and introduced one of our newly elected District Councillors, Chris Hogg who made thoughtful contributions to later discussions in the meeting. He also pointed out the need for new candidates to fill the vacancies on the Council. 

The Council’s Annual report and accounts were received unanimously. There were many reports from other parish organisations. One highlight amongst many good reports was a heart warming story of the work done at Appletree school of the way in which young damaged lives were being turned round by the skilled work of its staff and the co-operation of many in the village, particularly St Mark’s  school staff and pupils working on joint projects and lessons. Some of these reports will be published on this website in coming weeks.

Following lively debate, there was very little support for the Parish Council’s proposed Cold Calling Zone. 

Lively debate being the keynote of the evening, Guy Weller’s proposition that the Parish Council drop the idea of a combined cycle/footway along Natland Road was amended to dropping the cycleway element leaving the Parish Council still to pursue the idea of a footpath. The problem envisaged with the cycleway was that it would be built to such a high standard that all the verges would disappear under tarmac changing the road from a country lane into an urban roadway. It was pointed out that a footway would be much lower down the County Council’s priorities than a joint use path and so funding might never come for a footpath. At  the end of a long debate, the amended motion of path only was carried. 

Guy Weller’s second motion requesting a 40 mph speed limit on Natland Road between the village and the town was much less controversial and was passed without opposition.
These three items of business will now pass back to the Parish Council for more thought. 

Watch this website for news!                                                    Martin Jayne.

Thursday, 10 May 2018

Steam train on Saturday

On Saturday 12th May 45699 Galatea or loco to be advised will be northbound Oxenholme 11:43.
Pat Williams.

Parish Council - Minutes of April Meeting

These are the minutes of the monthly meeting and include a reference to the new houses on the side of Helm near Castlesteads. These are called Rochester Gardens now and SLDC Electoral Services had confirmed that numbers 1 to 7 Rochester Gardens are in Kendal Town and numbers 9 to 17 are in Natland parish.  Number 8 is apparently split by the boundary and not yet determined which parish it will be in.
A warm welcome is extended to you from Natland News Website, whichever side of the boundary you are on!

Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Monday Club Meeting

The Annual General Meeting of the Club will be held in the Village Hall on 21st May at 2pm to be followed shortly afterwards with a talk given by Jennie Farmer on "The Magistracy". Nominations to be with John Inglesfield (Hon. Secretary) two weeks before the meeting.
Refreshments and a Book Stall.

Monday, 7 May 2018

Statement of Common Ground- Planning Appeal on land to East of Longmeadow Lane.

Oakmere Homes and South Lakeland District Council have had to agree Common Ground for the Planning Appeal. Click here to read it. David Peters points out that the highway reasons for refusal have been narrowed down since SLDC's June 2017 decision because Cumbria County Council has shifted its position - CCC officers are only prepared to support and provide evidence at the Appeal in respect of pedestrian safety along a section of Oxenholme Lane - as can be seen from pages 10 to 12.

Friday, 4 May 2018

Reg's Story

In early 2018, Natland News received a message from Reg James responding to the item on the Natland Website called George's Story- What life as a Waif and Stray in St Mark's Home was really like.
Here now is Reg's Story.