Tuesday, 24 May 2022

Thank you for your donations in Christian Aid Week

We weren’t sure what to expect this year, what with fuel  and food price rises and so many more calls for charitable giving. Also we decided not to collect from people at home again this year, but just to deliver the envelopes and hope that people would take them to the collection addresses. Well, the amount was down on last year, but there again that may be because people have found it easier and quicker to give online. Nonetheless we had raised £1,203.24, at the time of writing. £602.50 of this was handed in at the Coffee Morning, £107 at David Willan’s Food Hall, and the rest were generous donations, many with Gift Aid vouchers filled in, (which will result in another £140 from the inland revenue) and delivered to the Vicarage or handed in at church. Very many thanks to you all. 

This amount of money will enable people in drought ridden countries such as Zimbabwe to install taps and to buy drought resistant seeds. It will also train around 150 women farmers in a project to help them grow food in a changing climate, and provide a storeroom to store seed and fertiliser. 

    Elspeth Jayne. (Christian Aid Organiser at St. Mark’s Church)

Saturday, 21 May 2022

Plants available

 There is a wide variety of well-rooted perennials available for sale at very reasonable prices outside the church porch. Most of them will probably flower later in the year, so don’t hesitate to stock up now.

Friday, 20 May 2022

Minutes of the April Parish Council Meeting

Planning matters were considered at this Natland Parish Council Meeting, the last with David and Rhian Peters in attendance. The suggestions by Jones the builders of names for the roads on the Home Field were summarily dismissed on technical grounds, and will probably be up for consideration by the new councillors, possibly with suggestions from local residents. 

The councillors who are eligible to meet in May will be Ian Ellison, and Councillors Clark, Houghton and Roberts. There are three vacancies.

Click here for the full Minutes.

The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Weekend Celebrations


A growing number of people have been meeting to plan some Jubilee weekend events for the whole community.

Ideas so far:

Thursday 2nd - 5th June A Jubilee Exhibition in church. Artefacts and garden flowers. 

As part of the Jubilee Commemorations there will be a small exhibition in Church for the four days of the celebrations from 2nd June to 5th June. The exhibition will highlight many of the events that most of us remember from the last 70 years.

To illustrate some of these events it would be extremely helpful to add to the exhibition appropriate artefacts. While not exclusive these artefacts might include pottery given to acknowledge anniversaries in the Queen’s reign, magazines highlighting Royal events, photographs of special events of the last 70 years including ones which are part of your family history.

Any photographs loaned will be copied so the originals are not on display. The exhibition will be secure so any items loaned will be well looked after. If you can help please contact John Chandler <hylton@talk21.com>            Thank you.

We are planning to decorate the Church with simple posies of garden flowers over the Jubilee Bank Holiday to complement the exhibition in Church. Any offers of garden flowers to make this possible would be greatly appreciated.

Flowers could be left in the porch on Tuesday 31st May. Any queries please contact Jenny on 015395 60512. Thank you.

Thursday 2nd - 5th June Village Walk Around. We are asking you to decorate the front of your house or your garden on a Jubilee theme. As simple as red, white and blue bunting but you could be more ambitious!

Friday 3rd June from 2 - 4pm. ‘Tea & Cake’ on the Village Green (or in the Village Hall if raining), with Kendal Concert Band swing band playing, a royal cake stall, tombola, raffle and royal crown competition

There will be lots of cake, plenty of cups of tea and juice, a red, white and blue tombola and raffle as well as a cake stall on a royal theme. 

In an effort to be more environmentally friendly we are asking that you bring your own cup or mug for your drink. We’ll charge for the first drink and piece of cake after which there will be a free refill of your drink and the opportunity to buy further cake.

We need your help: Can you offer to bake something, give it a royal name and bring it along on the day?

Make a crown for the Royal Crown Competition. During the afternoon there will also be a Royal Crown Competition for all ages. Please use recycled products to make your crown. The design is up to you. All ages can take part. Wear your crown at the Tea Party. There will be prizes for the winners. Judging will take place at 3.30pm.

Sunday 5th June at 10am A Celebration Service in church. Would you like to take part in this service? Perhaps reading a reading or a prayer? By suggesting a hymn? Please let Angela know. ang.whitt68@googlemail.com or 015395 60355

Sunday 5th June from 12 noon - 2pm ‘The Big Picnic’. A community picnic, with games and activities for all ages, on St Mark’s CE School field and playground. If it’s raining we’ll move to the Village Hall for indoor celebrations. Bring your own food and drink for this occasion and picnic rug (though tables and chairs will be available).If you like organising games (or have some ideas for activities) please let us know as soon as possible!

Any offers of help are welcome and other ideas too.

Thursday, 19 May 2022

Steam train heading north on Saturday.

 On Saturday 21st  May a steam train from the Carnforth pool will be northbound Oxenholme 11:41.

Pat Williams


Natland and Oxenholme Women’s Institute discussed business matters and then went on to have a very good time with card and board games at their May meeting.

Sunday, 15 May 2022

It’s Christian Aid Week!

Christian Aid envelopes will be delivered to homes all over the Parish this week. Please, if you would like to donate to help people world wide to combat poverty, consider donating to this charity. To find out about the sorts of projects and people they help, or to donate online, click on this link. 

Your filled envelope can be delivered to The Vicarage, to David Willan’s Foodhall, or to 1 Oxenholme Road in Kendal at any time. Or you could bring it to the Coffee Morning and enjoy a free coffee! 

Join us for a  Coffee Morning to raise funds for Christian Aid in St. Mark’s Church on Thursday May the 19th at 10.30.

Thank you to everybody who came along to the coffee morning. £602.50 was raised, so thank you to all you generous customers and donors.

Elspeth Jayne.

Monday, 2 May 2022

The Weather in Natland in April

Natland Weather Statistics                               April 2022        April Average

                                                                                     c                        c

Temperature at 8am                                                  7.0                     6.5

Average minimum temperature                                 5.3                     4.5

       "       maximum         "                                         13.0                  12.3

Rainfall                                                                      51mm                  63mm

     "                                                                              2 ins                    2.5ins

April temperatures were average with some warm days in the middle of the month.

Rainfall was low which is normal for April. The wettest day was 30th which was after a dry spell of 12 days. 

John Dobson.

Saturday, 30 April 2022

No Mow May

Sarah Roberts draws our attention to this initiative to try and rescue some of the wildflowers and wildlife which have been disappearing over the last few decades. https://www.discoverwildlife.com/how-to/wildlife-gardening/no-mow-may/

Wednesday, 27 April 2022

Natland and Oxenholme Village Hall; booking opportunities.

 Charges (from 1st August 2018)

• Standard hourly rates, including use of the kitchen for preparing refreshments:

Large hall


Small hall


Both halls


• Discount of 25% on total hourly charges applies for multiple bookings (4 or more sessions).

• Special sessional rates for community or charity fundraising events, giving exclusive use of the premises for up to 8 hours, £65 (£45 for local causes).

• Specialist or other activity outside the above, on application to the Booking Secretary.



For enquiries and bookings contact the Bookings Secretary (Sarah Roberts) natland.villagehall@yahoo.co.uk



• Currently there is availability on a regular basis in both large and small halls each weekday morning and Thursday & Friday afternoons.  In addition the large hall is available from 7pm on Thursdays, the small hall on Tuesday, Thursday & Friday afternoons and 3 evenings per month on both Monday & Tuesday evenings.  

From September until April, regular activity groups currently make substantial weekday use of the premises during other afternoons and evenings.  So from April until August there is additional scope for weekday bookings.

• On Saturday afternoons and on Sundays the hall is available for hire to community groups or for private functions.