Thursday 11 July 2024

Steam train heading north on Saturday

 On Saturday 14th July  34067 Tangmere will be northbound Oxenholme 11:39.

Pat Williams.

Tuesday 9 July 2024

URGENT. W&F Development Plan Meeting on Saturday

 The Council is starting to draw up its new plan for developing Westmorland and Furness. In our community,  it starts with a   “Drop In” event on Saturday (13 July) in the Westmorland Shopping Centre 10 am to 2 pm when planners want to start a conversation with you about what you think the future should be for our district. 

Plenty of interesting stuff here

Thursday 4 July 2024

Women’s Institute Meeting

On Wednesday the 17th July at 7.30pm, Amanda Gott will be telling us about the Basics of Beekeeping. Friends are welcome, as are people who would like to try us out. Just turn up, and you will be made welcome.

The competition is for anything made out of beeswax.

Parish News for July and August.

There’s a Spud in a Bucket event in St. Mark’s Church and Vestry this Saturday the 6th July, 2-4pm, and it doesn’t matter if you didn’t get round to planting one, because there are stalls, coffee, tea and cake, a raffle, a bottle bola and challenges and other things to amuse the children as well. Plus it will be a nice place to come out of the cold and wet.

In the middle of the month there’s the Fellas Concert, Bring and Share Picnic and a Quiz at Castlesteads, and Cameo on the 21st. August is a bit quieter, though there are walks on the 6th and 24th and a Vestry Coffee Morning on the 22nd. Church Services will continue as usual over the holiday period, and they are always followed by coffee/tea and biscuits.


Tuesday 2 July 2024

Natural Kendal Newsletter

Not strictly Natland, but since we’re downstream of all things Kendal, we could be affected by what is happening. Newsletter 1.

Thursday 27 June 2024

News from our Parish Council from Monday 24th June.

Minutes from the Meeting


Not much to to report from the June parish council meeting.  There were only three councillors present, no Westmorland & Furness (W&F) cllrs and quite a short agenda.  The update on the 20mph speed limit didn't reveal much new.  Consultation on the issue is now delayed due to the General Election and when it does get off the ground the format will be decided by W&F.  The parish council is already thinking about how to ensure that all households not only get the information but can have their say.

            Having seen what an improvement to the village green and church environs removal of the bus shelter has made, there are now no plans to resite the notice boards in that area.  The council are still looking at other options to make the notice boards more noticeable!  Renovation of the pavement has been asked for and there was also some discussion and a suggestion about how to stop parking on it afterward.

            The annual audit for 2023/24 of the financial position has been completed satisfactorily and the associated annual paper work completed and signed.  No current cash or budget statements were presented to the meeting, 'the books being with the auditor still'. 

            More interesting snippets of information came up during the Correspondence section.  The work which was due to start in June and would close Oxenholme Lane has now been delayed until July and after St Mark's school has closed.  It took one of the cllrs to intervene to get this decision but you really would have hoped that Open Reach themselves could have come up with this obviously better solution.  There was also some talk that at some point fibre would have to be laid to get across the village green.  As neither digging up the green nor poles across the green are acceptable lets hope a bit of lateral thinking can be applied to that challenge.

            No reply has been received from W&F about the meaning and legality of the white lines at the bottom of Oxenholme Lane so an enterprising cllr went to the police for a decision.  There too there seemed to be a bit of confusion about the purpose of those specific lines was but in general white lines delineate the edge of the road (in this case the wall seems to do that job quite effectively) and any other intention would not be enforceable.

            The next meeting is on Monday 29th July at 7pm.

Saturday 22 June 2024

Thursday 20 June 2024

Road Works

Cadent Gas like Oxenholme Lane so much that they are coming back again to dig it up (in bits) from Natland Road along the Green and up to the school, so the road will be closed from 24th June to 27th June, or thereabouts.

After intervention by a parish councillor, this has now been postponed until after school breaks up. 

Wednesday 19 June 2024

Holiday Activities and Food (HAF) Programme

If your child has free school meals you can find and book free childrens' activities and events in the school holidays.

This is the link: