Wednesday, 25 November 2020

Resurfacing Helm Lane at the junction with Abbey Drive

Thank you to Phil Bonney for these pictures of the most exciting thing that has happened in Natland for a bit.

Agenda forthe Natland Parish Council Meeting on Monday

Natland Parish Council are meeting by Zoom on Monday the 30th of  November. Click here to find out what they will be discussing.

Sunday, 22 November 2020

Everest Challenge Quiz Results

Thank  you to everyone who bought a quiz sheet in support of the Everest Challenge.  

I had 18 correct entries out of 39 received and the winners were chosen at random.

           1st   Jenny Kelly, Natland

           2nd Graham & Penny Day, Natland

           3rd  H. Mitchinson, Staveley

 If you would like a copy of the answer sheet please email me on

Tuesday, 17 November 2020

Village Hall Update

Unfortunately the village hall was required to close from 5th November for the period of Covid 'lockdown 2'. It is hoped that the limited activities that had been permitted in September and October may then resume, though there is no certainty yet as to what restrictions may be in place as from 3rd December.  Other regular groups whose activities were not compatible with government regulations before 5th November are unlikely to be able to re-start in December, and the hire of the hall for children's parties and private social functions such as anniversary and christening celebrations is currently a distant prospect.

Local residents can however support the village hall by subscribing to the Village Hall 200 Club monthly prize draw. (With 3 prizes each month and only around 90 numbers currently allocated the odds are better than in many lotteries!) See HERE for details on how to subscribe, or call Alison Blake on 015395 61432, or email Sarah at

The winning numbers in the November draw are: 1st - 23, 2nd - 55, 3rd - 51

Sunday, 15 November 2020

Crazy Craig sets dates for postponed Everest Challenge.

By now Revd. Craig Bentley should have completed his 500 climbs up Natland church tower to a total height exceeding that of Mount Everest.

Regrettably, lockdown2 brought all plans to an abrupt halt and Craig has been marooned at base camp.

Despite the postponement of the climb donations already exceed £1,400.00 to be shared between St Mark’s Church and the International Nepal Fellowship. Both organisations are very grateful for these generous donations and Craig is delighted to know that so many people have already offered support by donating to his Just giving page.

Inspired by this generosity Craig is determined to complete the challenge and has set a new date of 18th January 2021 to start his ascent. Watch this space for more news of Craig’s preparations as he forgoes a second helping of Christmas pud and concentrates on his strict training regime.

Castlestead View

The name for the building site on Burton Road is Castlestead View. It is a development by Housing 21 of extra care apartments and bungalows for older people.

Saturday, 14 November 2020

Church Services now on the Church page.

The Church page of this blog has been updated. In future the links to the services in St. Mark's Church will be posted there each week and can be accessed by clicking on the St. Mark's Church tab above.

Wednesday, 4 November 2020

Crazy Craig's Climb Postponed, not Cancelled.!

Regrettably as mentioned in an earlier post Craig’s climb up the church tower 500 times has had to be postponed. But, it will go ahead at a future date. To allow for the necessary preparation and to avoid Christmas this will be between dates to be fixed early in 2021.

Watch this space for more news and the total amount raised to date. Thank you to everyone who has donated. The Just giving site remains open for further donations. And here is our gallant mountaineer grabbing a photo opportunity with Tim Farron.

Sunday, 1 November 2020

The Weather in Natland in October

Oct. average
Temperature at 8 a.m.
9.2° C
8.6° C
Minimum Temperature (Ave)
9.0° C
7.2° C
Maximum Temperature (Ave)
12.4° C
12.0° C
201 mm
154 mm

October was wet , although we had a dry week in the middle of the  month.

We had some rainfall every day from 19 October to the end of the month.  John Dobson.

Parish News for November

 Although many of the planned activities at church have had to go on hold, there is still plenty to think about, some more deeply than others. There is a complete set of Bible readings and accompanying thoughts for November. There are quizzes, charities to think about, and had you ever pondered on the thought that change was inevitable, except from vending machines? Or why there isn't mouse flavoured cat food? See page 25 for more of the mysteries of life. Click here for the Parish News.