Friday, 6 June 2014

Beware Computer viruses

An article in The Times on 3 June warns that the UK 'has a "two-week period"' in which to protect itself from a computer virus that could give hackers access to sensitive information that could cost the country millions of pounds'.

The National Crime Agency encourages anyone who uses the Internet, to protect themselves against powerful malicious software by making sure that their anti-virus software is up-to-date and by running scans to ensure that all applications are running correctly. 

The viruses in question are known as GOZeus and CrytoLocker. The first hides in email attachments that give access to hackers. The second virus activates if no valuable data are found using the first virus, and it effectively locks the computer, demanding a ransom to unlock it. 

As well as taking the action advised by the NCA above, avoid clicking on email attachments in the coming weeks, unless you know they are from a safe (and scanned!) source.

Be safe!