Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Time to tackle traffic issues in the parish

Having published the Parish Directory and got the Annual Parish Meeting out of the way in May, the new Parish Council is keen to start getting the Parish Plan 2014 Working Groups up and running.

We’re starting by holding a meeting to launch the Traffic & Footpaths Working Group at 7.30pm on Wednesday 25 June at the Village Hall and anyone with an interest in traffic, parking and footpaths issues in the parish, and a desire to do something about them, is welcome to come along.

There’s no set agenda. We just want to find out which issues you are interested in – new footways, cycle lanes or pedestrian crossings at danger points? more parking or stronger parking restrictions? lower speed limits? – and how you would like to pursue them. There’s plenty to get our teeth into.

Please come along if you can – and if you can’t but would like to be kept in touch with future activity please drop me a quick email to let me know on lois.sparling@gmail.com.