Features include: 

A selection of the Natland Scrapbook items

Maisie Best, who spent her childhood in Natland and went on to live a remarkable life. (Click on the cutting to make clearer). The cutting is from the Guardian ‘Other Lives’ column.

The Church on Natland Green by Laura Oldham. A historical account of the four churches that there have been in Natland.
The Captain Ross and Clinker, an account of the derivation of the name of Barrows Green's lost Inn, by Miss Anne M.E.Schofield.
Memories of Natland in the 1920s and 30s, from Beryl Caton (nee Fothergill)
The Fallen.  John Chandler shares his research into the records of those soldiers of the First World War who are commemorated on the Parish war memorial.
Greta's Tale: Recollection of a happy time as an evacuee on Natland MIllbeck Lane.
Reg's Story.  Reg James recalls his childhood days at St. Mark's Home.
John (Jack) Robert Ellison: John Chandler's record of John's memory of his early life in Natland and Oxenholme. 
The Northern Academy in Natland, 1674-1683. Laura Oldham's research into our link to Manchester College, Oxford.
The Headteacher's Daughter,
 Adrienne Storm, daughter of the Headteacher of St. Mark's School Natland
St. Mark's Church Centenary. An account by John Chandler of the Centenary celebrations in 2010.
Oxenholme Engine Shed,  an article by John Bateson
St Mark’s Children’s Home (now Appletree School), information provided by Barry Charnley
George's Story:  What life as a Waif and Stray in St. Mark's Home was really like.
Building Stones of Natland A description of the origins of the stones which were used to build Natland by John Fairhurst

Natland Treacle Mines :  Fact and theory about the Treacle Mines
Natland Pipeline Cave : An exploration into the cave system
Helm Gate Cave : A possible link to the cave system

Barrows Green Cave :  A surprise opening to the system
Natland Treacle Tours! :  A village tour of the caves and treacle mines