Wednesday, 5 November 2014

10 days left to have your say on local policing

The police launched a public consultation last Monday. Paper questionnaires have to be in by Friday 7 November but if you can complete one online you have until Friday 14 November to have our say on the future of local policing. PCSO Mark Hutchinson came to October’s Parish Council meeting to present his monthly report and began by urging us all to take part and tell our friends and neighbours to do so, too.

The police service has been asked to make huge cuts and is looking at options such as cutting numbers of PSCOs, or of police officers, or selling off buildings, or closing police station front desks. None of us want to see any of this but it’s important to log in to let them know that we care about the future of the police service – even in rural areas! – and have opinions on which bits are important.

The survey will only take you 5–10 minutes. Please log in today at