Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Calls to action from the Parish Council

After a short presentation from SLDC officers about new recycling options for some households in Natland in the New Year, October’s Parish Council meeting worked its way through a packed and wide-ranging agenda – from the establishment of the new Traffic & Highways Working Group and the work of the Natland Volunteers on restoring the Sam Inglesfield memorial seat to requests for dog fouling bins, complaints about the signage at The Beeches on Natland Road and the redrafting of the Parish Charter which defines the working relationship between SLDC and local parish councils.

PCSO Mark Hutchinson also urged us to ask Natland residents to take part in the current consultation on local policing ( by 14 November) and Cllr David Peters reminded us of the importance of telling the North West Coast Connections consultation if we DO NOT want outsize new pylons marching across the bottom of our parish (by opposing the full ‘Onshore South’ option and supporting the ‘Onshore South with Tunnel under Morecambe Bay’ option at (by 28 November).

You can read the draft minutes of the meeting by clicking here.