Monday, 26 January 2015

At last fibre optic broadband may have come to Natland

Barry Shippen writes: Are you aware that fibre broadband is now available at least on Longmeadow? I found out half by accident. BT have not been responsive as far as sending out emails to those who registered interest were concerned. Fitting and setup is very quick and straightforward.

Lois Sparling, Broadband Champion, replies: Thanks, Barry, for spurring me into action. I’ve been asking for information about where the roll-out is up to (and where it’s not going to reach) for a long time with no clear result. But I’ve just been in and used the linechecker on every postcode in the parish and can say that the following postcodes should all be able to get fibre broadband by now: LA8 0JN and LA9: 7ER, 7FJ, 7LH, 7PP, 7PZ, 7QA, 7QB, 7QD, 7QE, 7QH, 7QJ, 7QL, 7QN, 7QP, 7QQ, 7QR, 7QT, 7QU, 7QW, 7QY, 7QZ, 7SP, 7XX. The following postcodes cannot get it at the moment and it is unclear whether they will: LA8 0AA, LA9 7PS and LA9 7PT. For the rest of the parish, no data was available either way when I looked tonight – but it would be worth checking your own postcode as the website had a habit of crashing while I was using it!