Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Do you have a copy of ‘Natland: In living memory’?

One of the topics under discussion at a very busy Parish Council meeting last night was Cllr John Bateson’s recent chats about local history with various residents, with a view to setting up a group to looking at finding a way to display something of the history of our parish in some permanent and public way (in addition to the war memorial and Daphne Lester’s wonderful illustrated map which some of you may have copies of).

Daphne’s map was drawn as part of a project called ‘In Living Memory’ run by the WI in the South Lakes almost 40 years ago, to create scrapbooks of the history of as many local villages as possible. It seems that the one made for Natland has sadly been lost (it is not in the County archive) and only the map remains. If you have any idea how John might track it down, or would like to help John with the local history project, please get in touch.