Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Natland Spring Litter Hunt 2015

The tenth Spring Litter Hunt since the Natland Parish Plan of 2004 proposed its re-introduction took place on Saturday 28 March 2015.  Last year’s bad weather on the day was repeated, with a driving, cold (8°c) wind and heavy rain easing only for a brief spell in the morning session and about an hour in the afternoon before returning.  There was a sharp decline in volunteer numbers – perhaps an understandable case of once bitten, twice shy – with only seven on the day (compared with 21 last year).  Still to be picked are the east side of A65/Burton Road from ASDA to the railway and the road over The Helm.  And the Crowpark/Watercrook/Hawes Bridge circuit awaits the WI Ramblers.

Because of the wild weather picking may have been less perfect than usual, and more litter arrives every day, so there is plenty of scope for ad hoc volunteering.  The Parish Council has a small stock of picking tongs, high-visibility waistcoats, gloves and bags that people can borrow.

Thanks go again to SLDC for providing equipment and taking the bags to tip, and to the public-spirited volunteers who were: Stephen Hitchcock, Di Outhwaite, Rhian and David Peters, John Ritchie, Sarah Roberts, Judith Sharps, Don Shore and Mike Trelogan.  Well done all of you!

David Peters