Friday, 17 April 2015

Time to Spring into action

Spring is here! It’s time to get out in the fresh air and help give Natland a fresh and cared-for look.

As a Natland Volunteer, you can help by taking on ‘stewardship’ of a particular footpath within the parish. This would involve clearing any obstructive woody growth, brambles and nettles, particularly at stiles and gates, and then re-visiting every few weeks until the autumn to deal with re-growth. This should then encourage walkers to make greater use of these paths and their footfall will keep the softer growth in check.

Or you could suggest other aspects of parish maintenance that you feel need attention, from individuals or small teams of volunteers, or a more substantial project that could be tackled by a working group.

To volunteer, find out more about what is involved, or send in your suggestions, just email Sarah ( Thank you for offering your time to look after the parish.

Sarah and Lois (your parish councillors)