Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Result of Christian Aid Week Collection

After a roller coaster week our collectors brought in £1,600 in cash and the Coffee Morning raised £345, resulting in a very creditable £1,945. Another £265 will be added to this figure by the taxman from the donations that were gift-aided.

So THANK YOU to all those people in Natland, Oxenholme and The Oaks who gave so generously. Your donations are already banked and will soon be winging their way to provide urgent, practical and effective assistance to those in greatest need in developing countries. People like Loko Jarso, who will now be able to buy her cow, produce some milk, sell some to make money, be accepted back into her village as someone with status, gain confidence and find a way in the world for herself and her children. And she is only one of the hundreds of people who will be helped as a result of your generosity.

Click on for more details.                                Elspeth Jayne
A cow for Loko,

to produce milk,

which she can sell,

which gives her respectability and the chance of an education,

so she can make a way for herself and her children in the world.