Monday, 15 June 2015

Keeping safe in a power cut

The summer meeting of the South Westmorland Local Area Partnership (a body made up of representatives from 20 parish councils in our area) heard an excellent presentation about the Priority Service Register, by Nicola Collinson, the Vulnerable Customer Manager at Electricity North West.

Hundreds of thousands of people on this register in the North West alone are contacted when a disruption to the electricity supply is planned, and as soon as an accidental power cut is reported, and offered support, supplies and advice as needed for as long as is needed. They are also given a welfare pack (containing things such as a flask, blanket, torch and analogue telephone) to help them prepare.

If you or anyone you know is dependent on an electrical device, or medication that they could not replenish in case of a power cut, or immobile or in any way worried about how they would cope in a power cut, they should be on the register. You can apply by post, by email, online or on the phone and full details of the Priority Service Register are available here.