Thursday, 8 October 2015

Craftwork wanted for Craft Fair and Exhibition on the 7th November

The banner will soon be erected on Mick and Mary Taylor's garage, Sarah Roberts will soon be updating the roadside notices prior to David Peters planting them in the verges, posters are popping up everywhere, and village hall users are being contacted for offers of help. Yes, it's the CRAFT FAIR AND EXHIBITION again, to raise funds for our Village Hall.  

16th Annual
Saturday 7th November
Free Admission   Raffle    Refreshments 
All profits to Natland and Oxenholme
Village Hall Funds
Registered Charity no. 523072

If you have made something that you would be prepared to lend for the exhibition, do please contact me or download this form. Items are well protected on the day, and insured.

There are three spare stalls at the moment, so do please get in touch with me, Elspeth Jayne, if you would like one.