Saturday, 20 February 2016

A tale of dedication at February’s WI meeting

Despite falling temperatures and the village experiencing power cuts the intrepid women of Natland and Oxenholme WI gathered for their February meeting. President Kirsten Cannon welcomed two new members and several guests.

Our speaker for the evening was Maureen Lamb who told us how she had, in 1992, vowed to rescue Farfield Mill in Sedbergh from closure. Going home to her husband after what was a casual social visit to the mill she greeted him with the words “I think I might have got myself a job that is going to take up a lot of my time.” Maureen told first the story of the events of the 1990s and then went back in time to the building of the mill in 1837 and its subsequent links with royalty. Horse blankets made at Farfield Mill were used by Queen Victoria, Edward VII and George V. The talk ended with the ‘soft’ opening of the partially-restored mill in 1997 and the present-day occupants. A tale, as the vote of thanks said, of dedication and determination.

The winners of the homemade craft item were, in first place, Chris Nacey and, in second place, Jean Dobson. Once again I, for one, left the village hall wiser than I had entered it.