Thursday, 26 May 2016

Brownie news for the Summer term

We have had a very exciting and adventurous half term at Brownies, and lots more planned for this coming half term. 

We have completed our Gardener badge. This involved us all taking part in a sunflower competition and at the end of the summer term we are going to see whose sunflower has grown the tallest! We also had a visit to an allotment, where the Brownies enjoyed being shown what is growing there and also playing some games in the sunshine! 

We have also had an outing to the Dojo for a Judo session. All the Brownies had a fantastic time. 

We are currently working towards our First Aid badge, and we are having some fun doing some crafts for Father’s Day. We are going to end our summer term with an outing to the Maize maze!

Eleanor Latham