Thursday, 18 May 2017

Natland Annual Parish Meeting..

The small Village Hall was full for the Annual Parish Meeting. Here are some of the items of immediate interest prior to the publication of the full report.

The Chairman, David Peters, told us that he had just received an email from Henry Hornyold Strickland who owns the Natland and Oxenholme side of  Helm to say that he intends to sell it. He hasn't said whether the Village Green and any other common land he owns is for sale.

The planning application behind Longmeadow Lane came under discussion last night, though there was no one there from Oakmere Homes

This notice applies to the Village Green area and possibly outside the school as well, though and not to Helm Lane, we learned from Brenda Gray, our local district and county councillor. It is one of the works that have been scheduled some years in advance and has finally come up for attention. Damaged surfaces such as those on Helm Lane can't be done at the same time because they haven't been scheduled long enough. 

Peter Barfoot, Headmaster of Natland School, informed us that someone had been on the roof of the school recently and damaged two skylights, and to be on the lookout for this sort of behaviour.

Many favourable reports were received including ones from Appletree School, St. Mark's Primary School and from James Harkness who is proceeding happily with alterations to the shop.