Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Village Hall Improvements

Sarah Roberts was elected the new Chair of the Village Hall Committee at the AGM, and Jean Heseltine, John Bostock and John Fisher have also joined the Committee. This has given new energy to move things forward. John Fisher will be commissioning/coordinating works over the summer.
The hall has already been re-wired where necessary and work will begin on the 21st July with tree and hedge trimming, which will allow more light in at the back of the building. Then three rooflights will be put into the toilets and corridor, to be followed by refurbishment work on doors, and pipe-boxing. In August the toilets and corridor will be re-floored. Ventilation in the toilets and kitchen and drainage and guttering to the rear of the hall will also be improved.
So, be prepared for a pleasant surprise when the hall is open again on the 6th September.