Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Natland Parish Council - Minutes of the last meeting - and Pre-School News

Our depleted band of councillors (no one has yet come forward to fill two vacant seats), considered highways (still potholed), the litter hunt, election matters and the forthcoming annual meeting, and two planning applications at their meeting of the 26th March.  It also reported on a letter that had been received telling them about the Pre-School moving from the Village Hall into a room in the school shortly.
Good news for Pre-school maybe - they will be able to provide the 30 hours for three year olds promised by the government - but sad for the Village Hall and the long association it has had with Pre-School, and prior to that Playgroup and Mothers and Toddlers. How many Natlanders remember heaving the climbing frame from the shed, through three narrow doors and the L shaped corridor into the hall, in order to amuse our offspring?How many offspring, some now middle-aged, remember the joys of glue and paint, tricycles and action rhymes in the roomy small hall, with even more room when the large hall was built? Elspeth Jayne (ed.)