Friday, 11 May 2018

Natland Parish Council Annual Meeting

Parish Council Chair David Peters welcomed a good turnout of parishioners to the village hall last evening and introduced one of our newly elected District Councillors, Chris Hogg who made thoughtful contributions to later discussions in the meeting. He also pointed out the need for new candidates to fill the vacancies on the Council. 

The Council’s Annual report and accounts were received unanimously. There were many reports from other parish organisations. One highlight amongst many good reports was a heart warming story of the work done at Appletree school of the way in which young damaged lives were being turned round by the skilled work of its staff and the co-operation of many in the village, particularly St Mark’s  school staff and pupils working on joint projects and lessons. Some of these reports will be published on this website in coming weeks.

Following lively debate, there was very little support for the Parish Council’s proposed Cold Calling Zone. 

Lively debate being the keynote of the evening, Guy Weller’s proposition that the Parish Council drop the idea of a combined cycle/footway along Natland Road was amended to dropping the cycleway element leaving the Parish Council still to pursue the idea of a footpath. The problem envisaged with the cycleway was that it would be built to such a high standard that all the verges would disappear under tarmac changing the road from a country lane into an urban roadway. It was pointed out that a footway would be much lower down the County Council’s priorities than a joint use path and so funding might never come for a footpath. At  the end of a long debate, the amended motion of path only was carried. 

Guy Weller’s second motion requesting a 40 mph speed limit on Natland Road between the village and the town was much less controversial and was passed without opposition.
These three items of business will now pass back to the Parish Council for more thought. 

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