Thursday, 28 June 2018

Roof scammer alert

There are doubts as to the legitimacy of someone who is advertising roofing services in the July edition of Local Choice.  Uninvited, he called on a village resident who was not aware there was a problem with the roof. After showing a photograph purportedly of the roof defect, he then removed slates from  the roof for no apparent reason. The police were alerted, and he hasn't been seen since. However the advert may attract more customers who are not aware of this background. The phone number given in the advert appears to be a local number but he is not from this area. So be careful before engaging roofers at the moment! 

If you think you have problem with the roof, ask a neighbour for a second opinion. If you need to take it further ask one of your many neighbours in the village who has had roof work done for a recommendation.