Monday, 29 July 2019

Captain Ross and Clinker

Clinker, with Captain Horatio Ross up. By John Ferneley 1782-1860
Captain Ross and Clinker was the name of the Inn which was on the site of Ross Lodge on Burton Road. Notes written by Miss Anne M.E.Schofield in 2003 and who lived at the house now called Ross Lodge were passed to me by Barry Charnley. 

Horatio Ross was born in 1801 and lived in Scotland and doesn't appear to have links with this area. However he and his horse must have had a popular following for when the name of the Inn was changed from the Grey Horse to the Captain Ross and Clinker, local farmers' lads around Barrows Green held steeplechases from the newly named Inn across to the Beehive Inn (no longer an inn) on the Old Hutton road. The Captain Ross and Clinker was pulled down in 1860.

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