Wednesday, 22 January 2020

Dog Fouling is Back - shocking outbreak in Natland

The Parish Council and several villagers are very concerned about the recent outbreak of dog fouling, particularly on Helm Lane where two large piles a day are being discovered.
Volunteers have posted extra signs along Helm Lane to raise awareness and possibly deter the offender.  Residents are on the lookout.
Since the 2004 Parish Plan’s publicity campaign the problem in Natland has steadily declined as dog owners have become more socially responsible.  So the latest incidents may arise from a single individual’s uncaring attitude rather than any wider ignorance among dog-owners of what is expected these days.
Non-removal of dog faeces is a public nuisance and a health hazard.  It can be fined (up to £1000) under SLDC’s 2018 Public Spaces Protection Order.  Offenders, if identified, should be reported through the SLDC website or by phoning 01539 733333.
And let your Parish Council know.

David Peters
Chair of Natland Parish Council

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  1. The daily two-dog fouling on Helm Lane continued undiminished until Wednesday 29 January when two concerned residents, who had been 'out and about' talking to dog walkers, spoke to one who appeared to fit the bill. He listened to what they had to say but didn't comment, neither admitting nor denying, and was not observed committing any offence. His address in Natland is known.
    But since that encounter the problem on Helm Lane appears to have stopped.
    We don't know whether the offender is now complying with the rule to pick up or has merely relocated the offending elsewhere. So vigilance must continue and thanks go to those public-spirited citizens involved. They know who they are.
    David Peters
    Chair of Natland Parish Council


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