Monday, 1 November 2021

The Weather Report for October

 Natland Weather Report             October 2021                     October average

                                                                    c                                             c

Temperature at 8am                                9.7                                         8.7
Average minimum temperature              8.6                                          7.3
       "      maximum        "                         12.5                                        12.0

Rainfall                                      mm           333                                        157
   "                                             ins               13.3                                       6.3

After four dry months, the reservoirs were very low. The Water Authority were not worried as they knew we would have some wet weather and it came in October ! 
Apart from December 2015 (554mm) it was one of the three wettest months I have recorded. The empty reservoirs helped to prevent major flooding but now they are full so the next rain event could be a problem.
John Dobson