Sunday 17 March 2024

The Weather in Natland needs a Monitor

John Dobson has been recording the weather here for a long time, and has compiled an impressive set of data. But now he and Jean are moving back to Yorkshire. We will miss them, and his monthly report on the weather to this website. It would be great if anyone feels they would like to come forward and do this job. Please contact me if you feel that this is something you would like to do.

This is how John describes what is involved:

 1. Having instruments to record daily rainfall and minimum and maximum temperature.

2. Taking daily readings , I usually do this at 8am approx. If I am away, the rainfall figure accumulates for the period. The temperature figures have to be for the start and end of the period I am away and average out.

3. Record above. I do this in a book but it could be done on the computer.

4. At the end of the month total the readings and produce monthly averages and figures for rainfall.

5. Compare monthly figures with average for month. I have built this up over the 20 years I have been doing it. This data will be passed on to new recorder.

6. Produce report for website with brief comments.