Thursday 4 July 2024

Parish News for July and August.

There’s a Spud in a Bucket event in St. Mark’s Church and Vestry this Saturday the 6th July, 2-4pm, and it doesn’t matter if you didn’t get round to planting one, because there are stalls, coffee, tea and cake, a raffle, a bottle bola and challenges and other things to amuse the children as well. Plus it will be a nice place to come out of the cold and wet.

In the middle of the month there’s the Fellas Concert, Bring and Share Picnic and a Quiz at Castlesteads, and Cameo on the 21st. August is a bit quieter, though there are walks on the 6th and 24th and a Vestry Coffee Morning on the 22nd. Church Services will continue as usual over the holiday period, and they are always followed by coffee/tea and biscuits.