Natland has a network of volunteers who help with the maintenance and improvement of the parish environment. If you would like to join in, look out for updates on the website (see the latest below). Please also get in touch with your contact details if you would like to be alerted to new opportunities, or to register any particular skills you can bring to this informal network.

Natland Volunteers – April 2016

Spring is here! It’s time to get out and help keep Natland looking fresh and welcoming – following up on the good work of many volunteers who helped on the latest Spring Litter Hunt just before Easter.

Informally you can always play your part by removing litter that inconsiderate others have left, or contacting Highways hotline if you notice faulty streetlights, blocked road gullies, potholes, or damaged road signs. Either report (go to Reporting a problem on the highway on the County Council website) or phone 0845 609 6609 (a more tariff-friendly 030 number is promised!)

In a more co-ordinated way, you could help by taking on ‘stewardship’ of a particular footpath in the parish. This involves clearing any obstructive woody growth, brambles and nettles, particularly at stiles and gates, and re-visiting every few weeks until the autumn to deal with re-growth. This might encourage walkers to make greater use of these paths and footfall will keep softer growth in check. You might like to do this with a partner or friend, or as a family.

‘Stewards’ would also be welcomed to look after the bus shelters on A65 (near junction with Oxenholme Lane), or the redundant bus shelter on the green, or various seats in the parish. Typically this entails occasional cleaning, removal of debris/litter, and cutting back of encroaching undergrowth where this is a problem.

Or you could suggest other aspects of parish maintenance or improvement that you feel need attention, from individuals or small teams of volunteers – particularly if you can provide some of that volunteer assistance! Ideas for a more substantial project that could be tackled by a volunteer working group are also welcome.

Please get in touch

To volunteer, find out more about what is involved, or send in your suggestions, just email Sarah or phone her on 015395 61617.