Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Approach to Natland to become industrialised unless you act NOW!

The deadline for the submission of any objections you may have to the extension of the substation on the Sedgwick Road into the field opposite is this Friday, 6th January. (See earlier story on this website headed ‘Nuclear Fallout’.)

The current North West Coast Connections consultation on the matter by National Grid was considered at the December meeting of Natland Parish Council following the public consultation event in the village hall. The council is requesting that the proposed extension to the substation be located on the same side of Sedgwick Road as the present installation in order to lessen the impact on amenity and views from Natland, Cracalt and Newlands and avoid loss of valuable agricultural land.

Don and Margaret Shore have expressed their objection to National Grid in these terms: Anyone approaching or leaving Natland using Sedgwick Road, whether by car, on foot, on horse or as a cyclist...would be forced to pass through the middle of a large substation. This would radically change the southern approach to what is one of South Lakeland’s most attractive small villages. It would be more like arriving through an industrial estate.

Click on this link to email National Grid and add your comments to the consultation.