Tuesday, 13 April 2021

Happy Memories of Natland.

 I was so delighted to come across the Scrapbooks about Natland. (These photographs of old Natland were assembled by Don Shore and are available via the Features tab at the top of this page. Ed.).  I would love to get in touch with Dora Bianchi.  During the War my mother, my sister and I lived in the School House with my grandmother and aunt, while my father was away in the army.    I used to play with Dora Kitchen.  I don’t know if she remembers me: my name then was Barbara Snaith.  I remember the chickens and I think we spent quite a lot of time with each other.  After the war, my parents, sister and I drove to Natland and happened to see Dora.  We gave her a ride in the car, and I remember she was quite thrilled as she said it was her first time in a car (it was a fairly new experience for us, too!). 

I remember playing with Susan Kendall.  I remember her mother letting us feed the chickens and sometimes collect the eggs.  She also used to send us to search for eggs that had been “laid astray.”    It was lovely to see photographs of Dora and Susan. 

And, of course, I remember Miss Proctor very well.  I started school in her class, and I went to Sunday School at St. Mark’s Church. 

I remember a little boy called Graham who lived in one of the houses on the opposite the School House, on the other side of the Green. 

So many years ago, but my memories of that beautiful little village are amongst my most precious.  It was such a joy to read the memories of others.  Thank you for such a great feature. 

With all good wishes,    Barbara Chiari.

Please contact the address on the right if you have any information to pass on the Barbara.  Ed.